Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hydraulic Trailer industry in India is going Berserk!!

I have been getting overwhelming response and queries on Hydraulic Trailer industry in India from all over the world...from China to Germany.
Thank you for the emails. Hope, i have answered them to best of my capabilities.

I have been getting news of some old players who had quit manufacturing Hydraulic Modular Trailers a few years back have now started afresh. I don't know if they will survive when the market is seeing such bloodbath between new entrants. More so when the reason of their exiting the scene was attributed to poor built quality.

The basic fundamental of marketing of Hydraulic Trailers in these news players is missing. The product is not just the machinery of the physical offering but the service and backup. According to me in Hydraulic Trailers its 30% Trailer and 70% Service and Backup. Service Backup includes: Product Training, Product support including loading assistance, Spare Backup, AMC etc. It builds the client confidence. But mind you, the 30% is the core product, if the core is not strong any extent of efficiency in Service Backup will not be able to stop the downfall.

Few are entering the market after learning from the mistakes their big brothers had done. One new entrant JRDC Infra Solution Pvt. Ltd. is planning to enter the sector in a big way. They attracted my attention after i learnt  they were doing thorough research before entering the market. They are yet to announce their product and are doing extensive market and vendor study before entering. That's what makes the difference. May be they are a decade behind the industry leaders but if they continue researching and product improvement, they might survive the madness surrounding the hydraulic trailer market.


  1. Hi, I'm Deepak Jain from Baroda. I own a transport company called Anil & Anil. We have a fleet of 80 hyd. trailers and now want to enter hydraulic modular trailer section. The kinds shown above. Can you suggest me a guide to these trailers, they specifications and lifting job guides of different kinds.

    Deepak Jain
    Baroda, Gujarat, India.

  2. Hi Deepak.. One book i can definitely suggest is "The Art of Heavy Transport" available at

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