Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Bridge Collapse!! This time its Sikkim...

SHAME!!... Another accident. News reports states the trailer responsible for this collapse had anything between 47 (IBN7 TV) to 58 Axles (The Telegraph). Times of India states that the bridge collapsed due to earth quake. 8 People were killed. Whatever may be the reason... 
When will the transporters and contractors learn?
As per an official, the  bridge had a capacity of 70T but the equipment was 100T.
Anyways.. that fact remains that modernization of project transport industry cannot take place until we stop rushing execution of transport projects. In any infrastructure project in India the transportation part is considered as the last concern. This notion has to change. Logistics and Transportation are the life blood of any project. Negligence is unacceptable here. 

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  1. The bridge capacity was 70R which means it could sustain a moving weight upto 140 tonnes. the shipment weight was around 70 tonnes. the main cause of accident is the contractor negligence and the earthquake on 18th sep and 18 dec which effected the foundation of the bridge

  2. As per IRC: 6-2000 "Standard Specifications and Codes of Practice for Road Bridges" Section II (Fourth Revision)... a 70R Bridge can take 70T or 700KN of load (including the vehicle) for tracked vehicles like tanks. For wheeled vehicles with tyres, the allowed load is 1000KN or 100T GVW or Total Live Weight including the vehicle weight (subject to specified combination of bogies in the IRC directive). If the cargo payload weighed 70T and was carried over a 6 Axle Trailer weighing 27T and Prime Mover weighing 9T...the total weight will be 106T. Also, in news clippings it was mentioned that a tourist car also went down with the bridge. Also, as per IRC Code on page 11 of IRC: 6-2000 its specifically noted "No other live load shall be considered on any part of the said 2-lane wide carriageway of the bridge when above mentioned train of vehicles is crossing the bridge". Then how was a tourist cab on the bridge?? The official was right if he spoke about tracked vehicles but not for wheeled vehicles. Yes, i agree that the authorities should have been more careful after the earthquake.

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  4. Request you to update me on the status of the bridge now and its withstanding capacity

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