Thursday, October 3, 2013

Registration of Hydraulic Trailers: A misguided government mechanism

Things have been getting from frustrating to ridiculous. The previous process of registration of hydraulic trailers was in itself a pain. Now it has become absurd too.
Rule No.126 of CMVR clearly states that all motor vehicles OTHER THAN trailers and semi trailers shall submit prototype for test by...
The why on earth is the office of Ministry of Road Transport asking for type approval? I don't have the letter but from what i hear is that the top official has released a letter which asks for prototype testing of hydraulic trailers.
The funny part is, his predecessor had issue a letter which said that design approval from any Govt. engineering college would be enough (i have a copy).
Don't these officials know that they can be legally challenged for issuing the letter for prototype testing.  Will the ministry now function with personal whims and wishes of these IAS babus now?
I have a feeling that with the next change in the office, this procedure will again change.


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