Wednesday, January 19, 2011


India is a great country with biggest hearts and the brightest minds. A Economic and Cultural powerhouse.
We are a country of Tigers ruled by packs of Wolves.
Our leaders and administrative heads do not hesitate in terming our industrial development and Transport facilities at par with the Chinese or even in some cases with Europe and US.
In reality these so called knowledgeable people having foresights as far as the width of their office desks and have no idea about the vastness of commercial road transport. The people monitoring and controlling the registration and movement of vehicles in India have no clue about technological advances in automobile sector. To my surprise even the top bosses in these offices have no idea about the provisions made in CMVR or Motor Vehicle Act.
We can’t just blame these fellows. Most of the transporters in India are illiterate or school dropouts but come from toiling backgrounds. These buggers are purely motivated by money and an attitude which can only be rivaled by the Lashkar-e-Taiba. Think if the owners have this attitude then you can very well imagine what the Fidayeen drivers ruling our Highways can do.
You will ask if so grim is the situation then how the things are moving around. Money…. Cash, kind, Under-the-table, Inside-the-car, on-the-tollgate, in-the-house and ultimately inside the babu’s crisp safari pocket.
It’s not that we do not have rules. We have rules and provisions but nobody seems to believe the same. The ultimate superseding rule is CASH. Yes, you will have to pay much more if you make your own rules than if you adhere to the Law of the land.
Transporters cannot do much as oversized consignments are often meant for turnkey projects of national importance and are valued at several crores. A delay in delivery means heavy financial losses.
In my next post i will share some facts about registration of Heavy Transport Trailers.

A Marwari gentleman told me once “Laksmi kaali hoti hai na gori…Laksmi to Laksmi hoti hai” (Money Goddess is neither black nor white).


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