Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trailer Registration Part-1

In my last post I was a bit critical about the transport governing machinery. After I posted my last post I felt a little bad about being bit harsh. As it’s always is the case, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We do have competent officials but frequent transfers result in some unfit replacements.
As per rules all trailer models (upto three axles) designs should be approved technically from the state govt. by the manufacturer before manufacturing. Which then implies that everytime such trailer is registered (CMVR u/s 47 Sub-section 1(C));
RTA has to be presented with the trailer or semi-trailer design duly approved by the STA. But, somehow this rule is overlooked overwhelmingly and as result this happens….
At times the trucks are dangerously modified to accommodate extra loads.
Again our Laws and Rules have provisions for transport by vehicles other than specified in CMVR or MVA but that route is long and painful. Central Govt. has the power to exempt through Gazette Notification under MVA Section 110 Sub Section 3(a) only if the State Govt. recommends the case to the Center. This process generally takes 3-4months! So if you have a critical consignment waiting to be delivered urgently you are helpless but to find other (illegal) shortcuts if you can risk it or outsource.


  1. Hi I need to know can I register two different trailers and use it with one tractor?

  2. Yes you can but in that case you have to register the tractor and trailers seperately.

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