Monday, February 21, 2011

Notification Update

The babus are at it again….
The movement of Applications from the Transport Department Haryana Govt. to the MORTH, Central Govt. has been stalled. The reason… they have suddenly realized that as per CMVR every trailer has to be prototype tested by designated testing agencies.

It frustrates me when such learned people raise such reckless objections.
RULE  126 of CMVR : Prototype of every motor vehicle to be subject to test- “on and from the date of commencement of Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 1993, every manufacturer or importer of motor vehicles other than trailers and semi-trailers shall submit the prototype of the vehicle to be manufactured or imported by him for test by the…..”
Clearly it’s mentioned that trailers are not subject to prototype testing!

This is nothing new, every time there is a organizational shakeup, newly appointed heads have no clue about such special cases. They do not realize that such delays cost not only the transporter but also the nation heavily.

But, slowly and painfully things are moving forward. People are now getting to at least identify the Hydraulic Modular Trailers.

What pains me more is the trailer industry is highly neglected in India. It is perceived in India that an uneducated skilled mechanic can manufacture a “TROLLA” (Slang for trailer in Hindi). Trailers even don’t feature in Market research data of widely followed databases such as SIAM data among others. What would anybody do with a Tractor / Puller without a trailer?  May be this sector is largely unorganized.

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