Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trailer Registration Part-2

Hydraulic Axles are more widely used in Modular Trailers. More popularly known as “Hydraulic Modular Trailers” or “Hydraulic Axles”, in India.
Though hydraulically suspended axles can be used in any kind of trailer, modular trailers are built upon this suspension phenomenon.
Modular trailers are basically modules of Trailer Chassis which can be joined longitudinally (Back-to-Back) or laterally(Side ways). Theoretically there is no limit to the vastness of the combination, provided the supporting machineries are available. This amazing portability means that any form of cargo can be transported on this trailer.
Here also lies the legal problem. Our law didn’t foresee that commercial vehicles can be joined together to aid movements of cargo. Or for that matter, any cargo can go beyond 35tons!
Under the rules the Central government of India can only make exceptions to the rules it has made. Phewh!
The registration process of these kinds of vehicles which exceed the legal 2.6Mtr width mark or per axle GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight = Payload+TrailerWeight) limit is long.
The movement of the application of the customer is something like given below.
Customer -> State -> Center -> Gazette Notification -> Customer -> State -> RTO -> Registration  
Few states I know of who entertain such applications are Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.
The applications have to be accompanied by a technical test report of design from an institute recognized by the State.
This whole process takes about 4 months. If you would like to know more about registration of hydraulic modular trailers, drop me an email

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