Sunday, April 3, 2011

Demand Surge for Hydraulic Modular Trailers Part-2

A few years back the Chinese tried to enter the market but had failed to get any fruitful results. This was partially attributed to the Chinese reputation for substandard quality and as a result any technical glitch or accident on these trailers spread like wildfire.
Today, the market in India for Modular Trailers is dominated by an indigenous alternative OEMs named TRATEC, which is closely competed by VMT.

As in my previous blog I stated that with strict regulations coming implemented soon, local unorganised trailer manufacturers are cropping up everywhere.

Let me make a visual comparison between a European modular trailer and trailer made by a trying to be in the league trailer manufacturer (in hindi behti ganga me haath dhone waley trolla).
 KAMAG K25 Series (Double File Config)
 Goldhofer THP Series (Single File Config)
 TRATEC HB Series (Indian), single module of 4 Axle Line Trailer

Now a behti ganga / or a trying to be modular trailer from a trying to shift from a regular trailer manufacturer to Special Trailer Manufacturer.
Chances are due to high demand the worst quality trailers will also find customers and sell 100s.  The result will be bad, since, the low prices will ensure lower rental and rapid usage of these, which will lead to accidents and damaged roads. As a result, the purpose of the regulations against above 49T on normal trailers will be defeated.
The government has to sit up and take notice and regulate the manufacturing of these vehicles due to their immense importance in building an economy.
Like other vehicles where ARAI has to certify there road worthiness, institutes should be earmarked to check the quality of these Special Hydraulic Modular Trailers.


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