Sunday, April 24, 2011

Projects: Critical Turn Negotiation at Shiradi Ghat, Karnataka

Recently i received a project update
Cargo particulars: Weight 131 Tons, Length 67Mtrs, Width 4Mtrs
Place: Shiradi Ghat, Karnataka, India
Project Manager: Mr. Ram Mani Shukla
Transport Company: Premier Transport Limited, Mumbai
The major challenge of this project was to negotiate this 'S' turn 

The task was done on 10 Axles (6+4 Axle configuration), separated by a 9 Mtrs Pipe Structure. Though this is not an ideal combination due to its asymmetric nature, the project executors had little freedom of choice. The turn was sharp which required fewer axle lines. In this case, to comply with the authorities the minimum hydraulic axles required was 10Axles which meant an arrangement of 5+5 Axles but again this was difficult to achieve (Partly technically and also non availability of odd configured axle modules). So, a 6+4 configuration was finalized.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Greetings !

    We wish to inform you that we currently have 18 hydraulic axles, 2x 400Hp and
    1x520 Hp Volvo Puller available in Mumbai for hire and ready for deployment at
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    Thanking you

    Best Regards

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