Thursday, September 29, 2011

Accident on Hydraulic Axles in MP, india

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A bridge collapsed in Madhya Pradesh while a 300T package was being transported on it.
Though it is a non educated coverage by the reporter, the end argument is... this is what happens due to hasty and non scientific execution of ODC transportation. When greed supersedes the tryst for safe and scientific execution of projects.

Transport planning and study of any  above200T consignment should be done to the finest detail when it is to be done on public roads and more so when bridges are involved.

Road survey and planning, the very essence of ODC transport is often the most neglected aspect in India. Under educated operators coupled with corrupt officials is a dangerous combination and disaster waiting to happen.
Nobody seems to learn from the mistakes others are doing... bridge collapse of Manikaran, Jamnagar etc...time and again have shown NOT to use conventional hydraulic trailer configuration on bridges. Simple concept is if ODC load concentration lies between the span of the bridge, the bridge will collapse.

<< file picture of Manikaran accident in 2007

Two ways to tackle this situation

  • To construct or find an alternate route
  • To carry the equipment on a Girder Bridge 
Both require thorough study and money.
In bid to quote the lowest, transporters intentionally overlook these aspects. Cannot blame the transporter alone, the contract awarding company also gives more weightage to lowest bidder than the execution methodology. You will get what you pay for. You cannot expect the best services on a tight budget.

I fear that this will give the already under educated officials an ammunition to target ODC movements.

Hope this is the last of such accidents.

Pictures source and a logistics company website

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  1. Agreed the Girder Bridge makes things safer, but the weight of an average girder bridge is more then 75 tons alone and adding more axles makes the load more heavier..wHAT WILL YOU DO IF THE BRIDGE IS STILL LONGER THEN THE TOTAL TRAILERS LENGTH..WE HAVE BRIDGES IN INDIA WHICH ARE MORE THEN 500 MTRS LONG AND SPANS MORE THEN 44 MTR...