Friday, February 3, 2012

Industrial Heavy/ODC Transport scenario not bleak

I met somebody senior in project transportation a few days ago in Mumbai. We were chatting on the current scenario in the sector and by blog. While appreciating my work he told something about my blog which did shake me a bit.
As per this gentleman I being a part of this sector I have been far too critical about it. "The picture is not that bad as it is portrayed."

I agreed.

The idea of creating this blog was to open our eyes and speak out about heavy project transportation in India. This segment for no reason has somehow been not talked about. There are too many bottlenecks and attitude problems. Then i realized that every country is unique with its own individuality and India is an unique country. In India in certain situations logic fails and faith takes over. This faith has kept us alive through many invasions.
The problem does not lie with the service providers. It is the availability of cheaper and inferior alternatives and the non presence of an honest regulatory machinery.

Its logical, if i have a cheaper alternative to which i don't have any regulatory obligations, i will consider the technically advanced and higher priced alternative as second to the cheaper version.

I will now try to include more developments in the sector in my blog.


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