Monday, March 26, 2012

Largest Vacuum Column Made and Transported in India

After a long time i got some encouraging news.
Transportation of what is claimed to be the world's largest Vacuum Column. Manufactured by L&T
This column weighed about 1250 MT having middle section diameter of about 15Mtrs.
Sea and Land Transportation was done by J.M. Baxi & Co. in the month of Oct 2011 from Hazira to Paradip. 
The Load on/Load off was done on 24 Axle Lines in side joined combination (24x2=48Axle lines) of KAMAG K25 series Hydraulic Trailers. The trailers had self-propelled modules to give the system SPMT functionality. Here are some photographs.


  1. wow. that's great. really amazing to know about the Largest Vacuum Column..

  2. Proud to be an Indian amazing and massive work by L&T. hats off!!!!

  3. the distance between 2 places is more than 1600kms....

    1. i have mentioned in the was a combination of sea and land transport

  4. Gr8 thats call true engineering HATS OFF to all those guys how had given their contribution in manufacturing the HVC.....

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  6. itz really great achievement to transport such a heavy vacuum Column well done guys

  7. what is the purpose of this giant vacuum?

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