Friday, May 31, 2013

Projects: Stator Generator erection at GMR Chhattisgarh Power Plant

This month, Generator Stator weighing about 290MT was erected at GMR Chhattisgarh Power Plant.
The stator was lifted off from the trailer and erected using strandjacks mounted on Gantry system and skidding mechanism. Heavy Lifting contractor was SARENS Heavy Lift India Pvt. Ltd. SHILPL is a Group company of SARENS NV, Belgium.
In India, table top erections are mostly done by EOT tandem lifting or by this kind of an arrangement using strandjack lifting and skidding.
The Stator is brought on a Hydraulic Modular Trailer
Stator is Lifted off and Turned
90degrees using swivel mechanism

The skid tracks can be seen here


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